We develop software from initial analysis to final implementation and maintenance.

We create a quality solution that you will understand.

We do not make clients feel prisoners of our own ideas and technical solutions. We build web applications on modern technologies and cloud services. Counselling and user training are part of our work.

What we can do?

Server management


  • in the cloud
  • on premise


  • certificates
  • optimization
  • batches setup
  • security (firewall)



  • MySQL

Design, procedure programming, optimization

Windows application

  • .NET 2.0 - 4+, .NET CORE 2+
  • C#

WinForms, Console applications, Services, Scripts Powershell


  • Client part
    • HTML, CSS
    • JavaScript, Angular 2+, Razor, JQuery
    • Bootstrap
  • Server part
    • .NET 2.0 - 4+, .NET CORE 2+
    • C#
    • Microsoft: ASP.NET, MVC, Classic ASP


  • User interface layer
    • HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap
    • MVC - Razor
    • SPA - Angular 2+
  • Business layer
    • C# services
  • Database layer
    • EF6, EF CORE

IOC/DI, Automapper

Authentication, Authorization

Application development

  1. Analysis

    • detailed discussion of the assignment with the customer and proposal of the best tailor-made solution
  2. Application architecture design

    • prototype
    • application own development
    • testing
  3. Development

  4. Documentation

    • application description
    • API description
  5. Versioning

  6. Automatic testing

Strom Digisense

We have already developed robust systems, but nor we do avoid smaller projects. We prefer long-term collaboration and keep a reasonable number of orders to maintain flexibility and focus on your projects.


Development of e-learning WebStudy LMS for colleges providing distance education in the USA. Grades, tasks, tests, mails, forums, conferences, materials, analytics...

WebStudy LMS

Development and maintenance of the fintech system for managing and using meal vouchers and holiday checks. Integration of payment gateways (Fio, Stripe, CS), e-shop API, OCR documents, mobile and web API, QR codes...


Development and maintenance of CMS platform. - video and file upload - automated subtitles (Amazon, 3Playmedia) - PPT conversion - LTI integration – both frontend and backend – playlist


Web development for automated real estate price estimation. Both frontend and backend.

Golden estimate

Deployment of internal information system Podio including automation and advanced integrations, technical processes consulting.

Studio Habina Internal Information System

Jan Škulavik, GexPay CEO

We have been working with Digisense for more than two years to develop our Fintech solution. What I value most is not only good quality, rapid development and excellent insight into modern technologies, but also consulting activities that have saved us a lot of time and money. Thanks!

Curt Corbi WebStudy CTO

For over twelve years, the Digisense team served US higher-ed institutions and hundreds of thousands of e-learning students. Disgisense continually developed and enhanced a suite of e-learning software applications, integrating 3rd party tools, and working collaboratively with the academic institutions who utilize the product. According to the CEO of the US based company, “the contribution made by the Digisense team made an exceptional difference, providing a competitive edge while maintaining a strict budget.

Lukáš Fryč GC System Joint-stock Company

Thanks to his brisk explanation of MVC, IOC principles, work with CSS, jQuery and many other technologies (GIT, SQL, OAuth, Mockap), he has saved us a lot of time thus avoiding many unnecessary peripetia with the discovery of the already discovered.

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